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Get expert assistance from a trusted and reliable electric scooter repair shop in Singapore! Here at Kernel Scooter, we offer a range of essential services for your e-scooter, we also carry a wide range of accessories and upgrade parts for you scooter


Screw Hole Re-threading

Re-threads your hole with strong thread rivets

Brake Tuning

Professional brake tuning, guarantee more braking power after tuning

Brake Pad Replacement

Brake pads replacement & tuning inclusive

Cutting of Handlebars

Sawing away the top part of the handlebar

Handlebar Installation

Excludes cutting of handlebar

Alarm with Powercut

Adds an alarm to deter thiefs, including installation. Scooter will not be able to power on without disarming first

Key Ignition

Adds a key ignition to your scooter, scooter will not be able to power on without key, comes with built-in voltmeter

Basic Diagnostics

A basic checkup of your scooter, excludes repair and part costs