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Mustang GX PRO 36V

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Mustang GX PRO is one of Kernel Scooter’s flagship. It features extremely powerful and efficient brushless planetary gear motor that tackles upslope and hills without a sweat even for heavy riders.

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Product Specification
Max Distance Up to 55KM*
Max Speedd Capped at 25KMH
Max Load Up to 120KG
Motor Brushless Geared 500W
Battery Lithium 36V 18Ah
Tire 10" Pneumatic Tires
Brakes Front & Rear Mechanical Disc Brakes
Charging Duration 5.5 - 6.5 Hours
Dimension 115 X 120 X 38 CM
Folded Dimension 115 X 25 X 38 CM
Nett Weight 18.4KG


Affordability redefined; allowing more people to enjoy the high torque and fun having a Mustang GX PRO electric scooter.

Mustang GX PRO 36V is the lighter version of Mustang GX PRO 48V.

It weighs merely 18.4KG, plenty of allowance for accessories such as additional lights and even bluetooth speakers.

Powered by the same Mustang controller and planetary gear motor, it offers ample amount of power going uphill for heavy riders.


Using 6061 Alu-alloy metal for chassis and stem ensures the integrity of the scooter. It can withstand a maximum load of up to 120KG.

Brushless planetary gear motor invented by the greeks enhances the efficiency of the motor, supplying huge amount of power going uphill even for heavy riders.

Wide angle LED light for riding at poor illuminated places. Potholes and obstacles are dangerous to riders. Thus visibility is very important.

Prominent red LED light at the back, also lights up when brake is engaged to warn others that you are stopping.

6061 Alu-alloy is used commonly in Aircraft parts for it’s sturdiness and robustness quality. Our model uses mostly alu-alloy esp at our joints to enhance the quality of the ride.

Foldable handlebar and stem allows rider to store it compact. It can also be boarded on trains (MRT) and buses when folded.

We do not compromise on safety aspect. Mustang GX PRO scooter comes with dual mechanical disc brake from Taiwan. We assure you that braking in time is important and never a challenge for Mustang.

All Mustang GX PRO electric scooter is installed with an anti-glare SMART LCD panel that provides rider useful information such as speed, travel distance, travel time and even voltage of the battery.

Splash proof, you are able to ride on wet terrain, but beware of slippery floor and do not ride in the rain as it is not water proof.



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