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Goboard Titan 2018 Best Electric Scooter designed in Singapore




Goboard Titan is a collaboration between Goboard and Kernel Scooter.

It was created to cater to the need of local riders in Singapore.

Range and comfort was essential and due to the strict regulation of 20KG weight limit, distance and comfort is a difficult combination to achieve.

The idea of creating a Titan popped up in June 2017, when the LTA set the rules of 25KMH/20KG/700MM, and back then, scooters with decent range and comfort (Dual suspension) were all non-compliant due to the weight limit.

Food delivery industry was blooming and we thought that range has to be enough for our food delivery riders. We already have customers who are already a rider with FoodPanda, Deliveroo and UberEat.

In order to maximize the distance vs weight ratio, we chose the highest capacity 18650 Samsung battery cells, to achieve highest capacity with lightest weight.

Wheels are 10 inches and we chose to use CST 2.25, a balance between 2.5 and 2.0, tackling stability issue, yet keeping the weight under good control.

Suspension plays an important role in giving the riders maximum level of comfort. Taiwan’s EXA AIR suspension was being used, it’s light, adjustable for different load and very durable.