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10 Inch Tire


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10 Inch CST branded outer tire
4PLY rating:

What is meant by “Ply Rating?”

In the early days of bias tires, casing strength was built up by adding layer upon layer of cotton fabric. The layers were placed with the thread in each layer at an angle to each other. That added strength, because the tensions would be distributed throughout the layers of fabric. The Ply Rating used to refer to the number of layers of cotton.

Two types, 2.25 and 2.5. The main difference is the width of the tire. 2.5 has wider width, good for cornering and turns. While 2.25 is a balance between 2.0 and 2.5, offers both excellent grip and endurance.

Suitable for all 10 inch tube rims such as Mustang gx pro, speedway, inokim quick and dualtron.

Installation fee varies on scooter models. Ranges from $15-35. Please call us at 6988 2033 for quotation.

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10X2.5, 10X2.25